Disease and Treatment

MediSIN offers a complete range of Medical Support Services:

  • Receive patient medical history and prepare patient for consultation
  • Translate medical files
  • Obtain initial recommendation from medical specialists
  • Book appointment with specialists
  • Support booking of flight tickets and accommodations
  • Support engaging medical translator
  • Support money transfer
  • Handle administration for emergency transport
  • Support post-treatment care
  • Handle administration of insurance claims

How to Get Started

Every patient has his or her own specific circumstances based on their disease, surrounding health condition, background, gender, age, etc.

Our MDs rely on a thorough, in-depth review of your documents and situation to understand your profile and create the best plan to suit your needs.

Help us to get to know you and get you ready for your medical journey to Singapore for your best solution through our 7-step plan.


1. Contact

Call us at +84908882110 or leave us your contact information by using the button below.

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2. Preparation

Prepare all your medical documentation relating to your health condition.


3. Consulting

You can either meet our consultant in person or send us your documentation.

Translation & Sending Case Information

4. Translation & Sending Case Information

Our MD consultants will summarize and translate your medical report and send all the relevant information to the specialist. Please note that translation fees apply to very complex reports such as surgery protocols and results for pathology, CT, MRI, and PET.


5. Customisation

Based on the specialist advice for your specific needs, we will draw up a customized plan covering consultation, treatment, and, if required, flights, accommodation and medical translators that best suits your situation.


6. Planning

Read through the pre-travel checklist covering important information about Singapore.

Crucial Information


7. Booking

Once you have decided, we will book your appointments and, if you require, assist you with your flight and accommodation bookings.

Focus on your health, let us do the rest

Throughout your consultations and treatments, we will stay up to date with your situation and continue to help you choose the right options going forward.

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